Deep Clean

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is highly detailed work, which ensures a thorough clean of all visible and hidden areas in the home. From walls, to refrigerator shelves, stove grates, and inside cabinets, no area is overlooked. This service is perfect for those who enjoy a meticulous clean that goes above and beyond regular maintenance. Deep cleaning includes standard maintenance cleaning as well as standard deep cleaning tasks, in combination with customized tasks, chosen from the list below.


  • Clean inside of oven and refrigerator (freezer is cleaned upon request – refrigerator must be unplugged from electricity for at least 24 hours)
  • Clean sides of fridge and oven, including floor
  • Clean under stove top burners
  • Clean exhaust fan/hood


  • Scrub grout and soap scum on tiles and shower enclosure

All Rooms

  • Inside closets
  • Wash interior window panes, ledges and sills
  • Hand wash baseboards and door frames
  • Clean laundry room, including inside washing machine, top and sides
  • Pull furniture out and clean under/behind (we use caution on hardwood floors and only move furniture with felt on the bottom of legs)
  • Detailed vacuuming of couches and chairs, including underneath cushions
  • Dust all sides of furniture
  • Dust vents, ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Vacuum carpet edges and under area rugs

Customized Tasks:

All Rooms

  • Vacuum books
  • Dust behind books
  • Wash or vacuum drapes and blinds
  • Wash light fixtures
  • Wash garbage cans
  • Condition wood furniture
  • Clean under area rugs
  • Clean window interiors and exteriors (where safely possible – weather permitting)
  • Clean woodwork
  • Wash walls (latex paint only)
  • Inside cupboards and drawers, including tracks, sides and top


  • Scrub oven grates and grill
  • Wash inside and top of cupboards and drawers (where safely possible)


  • Wash blankets, duvets and pillows
  • Deodorize, vacuum and rotate mattress
  • Launder mattress and pillow protectors


  • Organize toys, paperwork, clothing and knick-knacks
  • Wash, dry and put away dishes
  • Polish silverware
  • Wash shower curtain liner
  • Launder throw rugs and wash carpets
  • Vacuum porch and wash exterior windows (with squeegee and multi-purpose)
Price: $220.00
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